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Fees Approval for Std. Nursery to 12th as per FRC.

Order of FRC added in Achivement




This is the longest section which plays the most important role in over all development of the students. Here the students enter as wet clay and pass on to the next section with the solid foundation. We arrange for various workshops like chess, karate, judo, yoga etc without affecting the curricular part of their time to ensure all around balanced development of the students. Especially classes are arranged to make students about the moral values like ethics, responsibility, respect to elders and being kind to the down trodden people. This type of early education can only make idea citizens desired by every country. Students from V standard onwards are encouraged to take competitive exams like spell bee, drawing, Math Olympiad, Hindi improvement etc. Students also participate to give competitive exams of Australian University. Habit cultivation is also an integral part of this section which is carried out with zeal and enthusiasm.