Sunny Sky Legacy

Events & Updates



Parents and well-wishers watching eagerly the maiden annual function of the school in the year 1981. This was the first function in the legacy of the school. Who knew that the school started in our own doorsteps would bloom into a very fine quality institute over the coming years.

Tiny toddlers performing on the stage during the annual function of 1982. Some of the students have become succeful parents and ideal citizens. Still the name of their school brings a smile on their faces and by remembering their school days they become nostalgic.

Dist.collector Mr.Sayyed & Ms. Rahmet Gowani inauguration of school funfair dt.11-12-1983. Some of the loyal family friends are seen in the photograph along with Mr Sayyed. These supporters did their part in sustaining this school. We are thankful to them for their co-operation.

Girl power in full swing during the annual function of 1984. The girls are the base of the solid foundation of the sound society and we have understood this thing from long back. Three cheers to them.

We can see the passion for excellence in the eyes of our revered founder of the Sunflower nursery school.She also shared this passion with Agakhan education board by accepting the honorary service of being the local education chairperson.

Students in almost synchronised movements during the annual sports event of the school. The uniform adds to the discipline shown by the students.

A new trend of including the parents for sports meet was started and the parents participated with zeal.

Delicious memories of the dinner party hosted by school for parents in Zalawad Club in the year 1985.

Budding eductionists and future trustee of the institute Mrs. Yasmin Musani along with the present ones. Learning hand to hand for the golden legacy to be followed. The Annual function 1985 was presided by District Collector Mr. K. Kailashnathan & Mr. Narendra R. Shah.

Santa claus looked the same in 1986 also. the tradition of gift giving is upheld by the school still at present also during the celebrations of Christmas. Hey Santa the children just love you.

chief guest Rahmet H. Charania, Habib H. Charania, & dist collector Mr. Rajesh Kishore on annual function 1987. A rare chance to see the confluence of two generation of the school trustees and educationists.

Santa again thrilling the small children and Rashida Mam ready to burst the baloon filled with confetti. Shiny caps and chocolates add to the festivities.


Minister Mr. Ranjitsinh Zala Presiding Annual Sports meet at mill bunglow 1991. Students being inspired by the leader to be the role models in leading the future India.

Ex. ( D.D.O )Mr. Guru Prasad Mohapatra, Chief officer Sureshbhai Sheth s'nagar munci. Collector Mr.C. L. Meena, Sudhirsinh Zala,Amyn Gowani,Rashida Mam. Glimpises of annual function of 1991. Its our honour to have ideal citizens as dignitiories and to have their valuable thoughts and suggestions.

Annual function 1993 Ex - DDO Mr. Guru Prasad Mohapatra,Dr. C. L. Bavishi,Advocate Janardanbhai Dave & Rashida Mam; Price distrubtion by Mr.Guru Prasad Mohapatra. Since long we have believed that it is implied that our students should be ideal citizens not only for our Indian sub-continent but for the full world, afterall world is a big village with no boundries.

District Collector Mr. Pankajkumar Singh, DSP Mr. Vinodkumar Mall & DDO Mrs. Anuradha Mall and rashida mem on annual function 1995. One more function show casing the impact of the school in providing the ideal citizens to the society. As always the function is beautified by the presence of eminent people of the system.

Annual sports meet 1999 inno.by D.S.P Mr. G.S.Malik (I.P.S) & hon managing trustee amyn a. gowani adarsh education trust. Youth power in full swing to shape the future of lot of people.

Atrip to hingol gadh by higher sec. section. Students admiring the botanical beauty in cactai show off.

innaguration of art-project of school by Mr.v.ramanuj (lalitkala Academy awarded by Gujarat Govt. )& rashida mem year 1999. Careful planing ensures that students get a taste of everything in the life. Creating the future art lovers from among the students. The art project was kick started in the formal way.

A seminar by Dr. Majmudar & Mrs. K. S. Kharod on psychology is needed for the children on the threshold of adolocence. This seminar solved many problems of the students; these problems were some problems which the students hesisated to share with their parents.

Hall full of enthusiastic parents waiting for their children to come on stage and perform.

students in international event in lakhnow. The march past of the students shows the confidence they carry with them for being the proud students of Sunny Sky Higher secondary school.

Students following the beat of the drum in the mass drill at the school for understanding the meaning of discipline, synchronization and fitness.

This country needs lots of Vishvanathans to be the world class master in the chess. Here the students are coached and then inspired to compete byt he means of chess competitions.


Celebrating 2600th birth anniversary of Lord Mahavir Swami in 2002. The school makes all efferts to impiibe the qualities of unity in our diversities.

Demostartion of fire sefty by hon.managing trustee Amyn A. Gowani adarsh education trust.

A program for grand-parents of the students. Respecting seniour citizens in a practical way for they have contributed a lot to the society.

"Kaipo che". A kite can teach us many realities of the life along with the enjoyment. Students making the atmosphere colourful by their uniforms and the sky with their kites.

Lots of naughty students behaving in front of camera because of their teacher. The fun filled class which we all would like to attend.

Independence day celebrations of 2005. Anyone can see the joy and pide of being the residents of an independent and inseperable India.

Garba and dandiya the vibrant symbols of our gujarati tradition. Girls in full colours supporting this event of joy and devotion combined in a competition.

Govinda ala re ala, with prize catch of matki little govinda is lured to break it. Supported by solid pyramid of students.

Annual function innaugration 2008 by DSP Mr. KLN Rao (I.P.S), Dr. M. T. Nathwani (M.S.), Mr. Amyn Gowani. Kindling the light to disperse the darkness of ignorance thats our school.

In this photo DSP Mr. KLN Rao (I.P.S), Dr. M. T. Nathwani (M.S.), Mr. Amyn Gowani. Annual function 2008 innaugration by Mr. Amir I. Kachchhi, the better half of Rashida Mam and the main support behind her educational endevour.

Annual function innaugration 2008 by dist collector Mrs. Shahmina Hussain (I.A.S)& Rashida Mam. Two strong ladies sharing the same platform.

during project display of nursery section managing dir, Mrs. rashida mem & MLA Mrs. shree varshaben doshi 2009. Man is action explaining about the specialities of the school to the dignitory.