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Mrs. R.A.Kachchhi(Director)
vision encompasses the holistic development by the system of 3 tiers. First tier is the management(core) Second is teacher & Third tier is the student . which is a committed approach where in all tires in spite of being independent represent the strength of experience combined with fresh idea and implemented by young minds with great wavelength.

Mr.Amy Gowani
Sunflower Nursery School & Sunnysky English High School, the Esteemed institutes Provide education to correctly mould the freshminds to cast them with strong pillars of ethics, discipline, care & dignity to equip them to overcome the challenges & lead a glorified life .

Amirben Gowani
The mammoth inspiration source behind the huge scholastic activities and number one enthusiast in the base of starting this institute. An ideal house wife who cared that all her children get the proper and right education. So we all are thankful to her in particular for giving fine human gems.

Rehmat A. Gowani (Charania)
The real founder of this school. In 1981 the school started from very small premises of her own home. The seed which she had planted has fully bloomed into a huge tree. The real gem of the society who is distressed by plight of every down trodden. At present she resides in Dallas, Texas, USA. She is very much in the social service at present also and even is a very active mother.