Rules And Dicipline

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Rules And Discipline

(1) Uniform

1. The school uniform is compulsory everyday except to instructed to wear free dress.
Boy's Uniform:
Shirt :Checked Maroon Shirt (half sleeve)
Pant :Maroon half pants
(for students of class V onwards full pants)
Others :Black shoes,maroon tie,Icard/Badge
On saturdays:Mass drill white dress along with white canvas shoes & socks, white tie, house ribbon, Icard/Badge is complusory.
Girl's Uniform:
Shirt :Maroon half sleeves plian shirt
Pinafrock :Maroon checked
Others :Black shoes, white socks, maroon tie, marron ribbon,Icard/Badge
On saturdays:White pinafrock along with white shirt, canvas shoes & socks, white tie, white ribbon, house ribbon on the shoulder, Icard/Badge is complusory.

(2) Attendance

1. Parents are requested to see that the children are attend the school regularly, if the student has to remain absent from the school, due to unavoidable circumtances, parents should meet the authorities and inform immediately.
2. No leave will be sanctioned on the telephone.Half day attendance is not allowed.
3. Parents should not call their children home before the end of the school.
4. In case of going out of station in emergency for some genuine reason, the parents themselves should come to fetch the child along with the security card.Person other than parent will not be allowed to pick up the student in between the school hours.
5. Students remaining absent for three or more days continusouly without permission from authorities will not be allowed to the school.Unless satisfactory explanation by the parents is given to the class teacher.
6. Student having less than 80% attendance will not be taken to the next class.
7. For the student remaiming absent due to the sickness the parents must inform the school authorities about the same.The parent has also to produce doctor's medical certificate regarding the sickess while rejoining the school.A firness certificate from quailified doctor has also to be produced.

(3) FEES

1. Fees must be paid as per intructed by the school.
2. Fees once paid will not be refunded at any cost.

(4) Discipline

1. The school does not encourage or recommend personal tutions.
2. The school will have a special examination control panel of only three members who will only reserve the right to see papers.
3. Parents must see that their child spends at least two hours, the sunnysky hours of learning, two hours for self learning and study.This will help the school goal of self learning.
4. No student should miss any examination or class test partly fully.
5. If the parents wish to discuss any specific or common problem about the student along with pricipal, they must take prior appointment of the pricipal through a note signed by parents.
6. The student has to respect the school teachers and have to obey their instructions.
7. NO cell phones with students are aloowe in the school premises.
8. No behaviour, even outside the school casuing distruption to the school will be to tolerated.No pupil will help organisations carrying destructive activities.
9. The school leaving certificate will be issued after three days from the date of acceptance of the application. The dues should settled before receiving the leaving certificate.
10. Any parent asking for duplicate leaving certificate shall have to submit an affidevit with details about original certificate and the circomtances responsible for its loss.

(5) Examination

1. There will be three examinations during the year, the mmarks will be as follows(Std I to Std IX)
First test :50 marks
Second test :50 marks
Final Exam :100 marks

2. Promotion to yhe next class will be based on final exam & 20% marks will be from 1st and 2nd term and overall performance of the students.
3. Questions for the first, second terminal and final exams will be asked from the full portion taught during the term including the previous terms course, prescribed by the teachers.